It has been one hell of a year.

So here I am on New Year’s eve and I have finished all 1000 pieces of art in 2013.

Its a bit overwhelming I must say. I find myself too burnt out to leave the house tonight to drop off piece number 1000, even though that was the plan it will have to wait until tomorrow.

The past year has taught me a lot about myself, about my limits, about my goals, about what I really want, what I can and can’t do and what I really should do.  I had a blast doing this project. It did not come out the way I expected it to. I ended up doing more prints than I wanted. I didn’t manage to distribute all of the works within 2013 as I had originally intended but I legitimately feel like I accomplished something worth while. I have not heard back from the majority of the people who have received my art but the few that have responded have really given me something that I cannot explain. Its a great feeling.

I have more plans for free art in 2014. Big plans. Way less numbers, but bigger and better pieces. 😀

Seeing as how I have been pushing past my limits every day for the past few weeks I am going to retire early (10:00pm on New year’s Eve), but I would like to leave you with a glimpse at piece number 1000.


Thank you ALL so much for your support.



Oh and also it lights up:

3 days to go…. and 20 pieces left. :D

Well, it looks like I might actually make 1000 pieces of art in 2013 but the distribution is definitely going to spill over into 2014.

I wish I had the ability to get the rest of the art out int he next 3 days but that would require either taking 3 days off of work and stealing a car or taking all the art I have left and dumping it in one pile after taking multiple taxis full of paintings and to be honest, I am not willing to do either one of those things.

I think I am okay with that. I know that the project statement included distribution but oh well. What are you going to do? 🙂

I know that I suck at keeping up on this blog and I promise that I will get a decent blog post right at the end and that I will keep posting more pictures well into 2014 but for now I must go and get those last 20 pieces moving.


Here is a peak at number 1000 in process:Image

There is still quite a bit of work to do on this one but I am very happy with how it is coming out 😀
If anyone wants to snag piece number 1000 stay tuned to where I will be placing it on New Years Eve 😀

Much much love to you all,


Noah Zark—-

Accepting defeat?

Well it is November 27th and I have 300 pieces to go. I am beginning to think there is a chance I won’t make it to the end.

I am not planning on giving up just yet but let’s be honest it looks pretty grim.

I put a bunch of stuff out this past weekend. I will post some of the pics from this weekend as well as some randoms that I forgot to post.


60, 609 and 638 out on Alenby


605, 689, 690 and 692 dropped on Geula and Alenby.


607, 639, 684, 687 and 681 in Neve Tzedek





And here are a few random prints dropped.




I foresee a few very busy weeks ahead trying to finish up the remaining pieces and ship out the very overdue packages.

There are some pretty nifty pieces coming out soon.

Looks like there will be a mass drop in Netanya this weekend, and hopefully another Tel Aviv drop as well.

Alright well I guess that is it. I need to get to work. I will most likely put out another blog post some day….. I hope.

Much Love,

Noah Zark—

A Revelation (I am not good at this)

So here we are 11 months into a 12 month project and I still have about 320 of the 1000 pieces to get finished.
I am not going to lie. Things are beginning to look a bleak.
I am still pretty sure that I can squeak it out by the deadline, but who knows?
I have a learned a whole lot about myself during this project, for example, when doing a project like this I should not be the one that handles the blog. I should be painting, taking photos and napping.
I get sidetracked too easily for doing this kind of thing. 

I have a MASS of stuff that I should have been posting over the past few months but I just didn’t. No excuse. I just did not post it. So I will take this opportunity to post a chunk of photos that I failed to post as I took them or received them.

I again want to thank ALL of the people who have helped me out with this project. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
And for those of you who are still expecting packages. You will get them soon. 🙂

Okay… so here are some pictures. 

Here is piece number 22 dropped at the body exhibition in Poland:


#28 on a bridge in Sweden:


Number 68 at the “huamantlada” in Mexico:


number 603 on King George street in Tel Aviv:

Number 601 in King George in Tel Aviv:


More to come. I swear.

Much love,

Noah Zark

You’re right…. it has been too long.

Hey there. How’s it going?
It’s been a while I know. Things have changed. Ever since beginning my new job I have a lot less time and FAR less energy than before (but it is still hands down the best job I have ever had). So I don’t get as much time to paint and draw anymore and that is one of the main reasons I am SO far behind on this project.
I almost gave up several times in the last 3 months but in the end I decided to still do my best to pull through. I might fail anyway but I am going to do my best to stomp out a bunch of work in the following months.

I have a bunch of photos to post but I don’t want to clog up this post with a bunch of previously dropped art (although that will come soon as well).
I have printed 500 very high quality digital prints on 300 gram paper. Each print is signed and numbered by hand and will be distributed across the globe. I already have a bundle in Canada and I have packages ready to ship to New Mexico, South Africa, England, Seattle and a few more places.

I have been wanting to do these prints for a while now but I wanted to release them in sequential order after piece number 100.
well I finally finished piece 100 today. Image


Now that number 100 is complete I can go ahead and distribute more pieces.
I got a stock pile of stuff here at home and going to enlist some of you good people to help me spread this work.
I have been getting so much support from a lot of you and it is really helping this project get closer to its potential successful end. 🙂

I have a few more bigger pieces that I am working on and I am excited about some of the new mediums as well including fuzed glass, plexiglass and wood.

Well anywho that is my update for now. I will try to keep up here a bit more often…. but we’ll see how that goes.

Much much love,

Noah Zark




74,75 and 76 of 1000 in the streets and probably already taken.

I went out on a mission today which turned out to be a bit of a wild goose chase. Walked around a lot though which gave me a chance to drop off 3 more pieces.

74, 75 and 76 have been sitting here collecting dust for over a month now and I am glad that I finally got them out there.

All 3 of them ended up in what I guess in considered central Tel Aviv.

Here check it out.




number 75 is actually one of my favorite pieces but you can’t really see it in the picture that I took so here is the dropped pic and a detail, just so you can see what I am talking about.


(notice above, can’t see shit)



and last one for today number 76 which was loosely based of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, down there in the bottom left corner. 🙂



I am well aware that I have been slacking. I get it I know. I am tired of mentioning it and I am tired of trying to defend myself.
I have a few plans (some of which sadly will not work out this year) and all of you wonderful people who have been offering to post pieces for me where you live I will be contacting you probably just after I get my next paycheck…. if all goes well.


Anyways please stay tuned for the next chunk of stuff I will be dropping.


Much much love to you all.

Have a great weekend.

Noah Zark—

84… don’t lose hope

So I dropped number 84 today in Tel Aviv.


I rarely make it out to tel aviv anymore. I find my new microcosm is almost entirely located between bnei brak and ramat gan.
I need to get out more.

I have a few pieces in the chamber that I cannot wait to get out there. Very excited for number 100 (as well as a few others). 


Anyhow it is super hot and I am sitting here seating as I type this so I am going to just show you the picture and go sit with my face in the fan doing the Darth Vader voice. 



Here is a nice close up of the piece 🙂





have a lovely night and see you all soon.


Much love.

81, 82 and 83 of 1000. Keeping it local.

Yes I know. I am a horrible slacker. I get it.
I have been creating new work for quite some time now and I just forget to bring it with me whenever I leave the house. I am working on it though I swear.


Here are a few that I dropped off on my way to work and on the way to the doctor’s office.







I guess that is all for now.

I am going to go have a snack. 


Much much much love. Hope to share some more with you very soon. 



Domincan Republic! 23 & 27 of 1000

Once again thanks to the help of some lovely people a few of my pieces have made it all the way to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

How bad ass is that?
Very. That is the answer. It is very bad ass.
Take a look here as number 23 nonchalantly relaxes up against this umbrella in the beautiful courtyard.


And here we have number 27 taking a nice relaxing walk on the gorgeous beaches.
The weather looks perfect, but his eyes say it all.


Once again thank you to each and everyone of you involved in this and helping me make this project come to life.


Much much love,


Noah Zark

Ireland! 26/1000

A while back I had handed off a few of my pieces to my wife’s cousin (some of you may remember that). She has posted a few of the pieces herself and some of her friends have also been very kind in lending a helpful hand spreading my art around the world.

For this I am forever grateful. 🙂

Here is number 26 located in the town square of Dundalk, County Louth, Ireland.


What a wonderful scene. Thank you very much to all Yaeli and Alex.
I especially like this one with the fountain lit up red in the background.


One more down. A whole lot more to go.

Thanks again to everyone for the encouragement and positive energy. 

Much love,


Noah Zark