1000 pieces of free art in 2013…..it begins.

So here it goes. January 1st 2013 at about 6:30 AM and I am sitting here typing up my first of what will be many blog posts this year.

I am hoping to post here every day although seeing as how I do know myself fairly well I would say that weekly is a bit more realistic.

I have been doing this whole free art thing for a long time but never really thought about the aspect of attaching a name to it. When my brother and I were younger we would draw all over the “barf bags” on every flight that we were on and then put them back in the pocket of the seat in front of us.

I am by far not the first person to do this free art concept. People like “My Dog Sighs”  and “Adam Neate” have inspired me to take the free art concept more seriously and actually do something with it aside from barf bags and the random anonymous sketch left on the bus. Hearing about the whole “Free Art Friday” movement really got me thinking about getting off my ass and creating again.

So here is the plan:

I will be making, photographing, and leaving 1000 free pieces of art around the world.  The pieces will range from small 5 minute sketches on random pieces of cardboard, to some experimental sculpture,  large oil paintings and more.  Most of them will be in Israel (seeing as how I live here) but if all goes well then there is a bit of traveling planned for the near future and every where I go I will bring work and/or create things to drop.

Like I said earlier, posting on here daily would be nothing short of a miracle but I do plan on posting a picture of every piece, once it is dropped. Some of the pieces will have clues as to where to find them and some will just be out in the ether awaiting a random discovery. If you do happen to find a piece my contact information is attached and I would love to hear from you and hear about your experience finding it.

For the time being this is the only website that is dedicated to this project but as time goes on I will gussy this place up or get an actual website.

I hope that you all enjoy this project.
Here is to a happy, healthy and productive 2013!

Happy New Year!

Much love,

Noah Zark



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