I almost decided not post something today, but I actually had something to post and figured as how it is just the 2nd day of this project I should stop crybabying and just post what I got for you.

I dropped 6 pieces around the city today.  I took a little walk from Azrieli to the Central bus station and scattered them along the way. 🙂




I do apologize for the shitty quality of some of these photos. I will have a better camera sometime soon. The piece below is sticking out of the slot of a pay phone, but my camera has no flash so this is just how it came out.


In the central bus station 5th floor on top of a payphone


Speaking of the 5th floor in the central bus station, I took a little detour and stopped into the Sfog Studio. I highly recommend stopping by there if you get a chance and checking out some of the bad ass stuff they are working on. If you don’t live in the country or never make it to the bus station then you can find them here https://www.facebook.com/studiosfog?ref=ts&fref=ts

I finished up piece number 7/1000 while hanging out with one of the guys behind the studio:


If you want this piece you can have it. It is hanging on a bulletin board in the studio itself, but there is a catch…. You must replace it with another piece of art.


All in all I can tell you that it has been a hell of a day and I had a very informative and positive energy boosting experience.

I am off to do a bit more work before my dream waves crash against the rocks of my continually lighter unconscious.

Much much love,

Noah Zark—-



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