Thank you all.

Hello my sweet dear reader,

I went to sleep last night with the intention of dropping pieces 13-33 by the end of the day…. but that is not going to happen. No excuse. I just didn’t do it.

Gonna just work on more pieces for the rest of the evening and if all goes well then tomorrow the wife and I can bike the city, grab some burritos and dump buckets of pretty litter on the city.

I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of you who have reached out to me and offered to help spread the the art world wide. The response that I have received about this project has been uncanny and overwhelming, especially considering that I am only 4 days into it. I have to say that the positive energy and good vibes that were sent, have been received.

I am working on getting an actual studio now and have a few more ideas that I m hoping to begin during this year.

I am off to Friday dinner with the family and I cannot wait to get back here and make a few more pieces to drop tomorrow.

Peace from the Middle East,


Noah Zark—-


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