Ironing out the kinks.

So, 5 days into the project and things are looking pretty good I must say, although there are a few things that I need to figure out.

When coming up with this project I gave very little thought the actual number 1000. It just sounded right. It comes out to about 20 pieces a week for the year (with time to take 2 weeks off if needed). So I am now 5 days in, have placed 12 pieces around the country, I have number 13-33 ready to be dropped off and I have 34-fifty something in process now. I feel as though I have a handle on the production at the moment, but did not anticipate the fact that I started this project during the only time of year that actually get rain in this country and apparently we have rain for the entire week to come.

Below is just one of the piles of partially completed work I am getting ready for the coming week:


I am not going to let that stop me by any means but it will slow down the distribution. I am thinking of ways to waterproof some of the bigger pieces. A lot of the smaller paper pieces are already placed in protective wrappers but I need to come up with a way to protect them from the elements while keeping them visible.

Okay… I feel as though I am just ranting now but the bottom line is that I am going to use this short rainy season to stock up on some more pieces and since I am ahead of schedule I can take this opportunity to spend a bit more time on some more detailed pieces to place out in the street once it finally dries.  I will still be placing pieces here and there through out the week though so, stay tuned and keep your eyes peeled.

One last thing. I have to thank my awesome wife for putting up with the mess that I have been causing in the house as of late. There are pieces of cardboard and unfinished canvases in every corner of our house and she has been unbelievably supportive. She is an absolute peach 🙂

Much much love to you all,

Noah Zark—-


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