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So after day days on end of very out of the ordinary weather which prevented me from posting art outside yesterday it finally eased up enough for me to take a little trip to post a few pieces. I still could not drop anything outside due to fierce winds, but I decided that the Tel Aviv Central bus station could use a little sprucing up.

If you take a bus to the bus station and get off on the 7th floor you can find item number 13/1000 right next to the information board as you enter:


There is a small collection of art studios tucked away in a very quiet corner of the bus station on the 5th floor.

On my way there I dropped off 14-16/1000




I finally arrived at Studio Sfog and put the last piece of the night 17/1000 right across from the entry way. If you are interested in art, and are ever in the TA central bus station, going there is a must. It is located on the 5th floor, in an area that you might think is abandoned, unless you look closely. Finding it can be a bit difficult…. but it is well worth it :). It is nestled in with a few other very interesting shops and studios that most of you had no idea were there.



Looks like today might be the big day where I actually get a decent camera and can post some good photos here for once :).

Thank you all for the great feedback and support.

Much much love,


Noah Zark—-


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