34 and 35 of 1000

I am well aware that 33 was skipped. 33 is a larger piece and I don’t always have it in me to just carry it around. So the next time I go out specifically to drop some pieces I will take it 🙂

Anyway I finally discovered an awesome art store in Tel Aviv. I honestly am not sure how I have been getting by without this place. If you live in the Tel Aviv area, and you want some Golden acrylics, or you want just good prices on quality product then seriously… kanvas.co.il. The address is Eilat 15 in Yaffo. Right next to Machon Avni. I accidentally spent a bit too much there but I got out with some awesome stuff. 🙂
On my out there I decided to drop piece 34 under a bridge on Menachim Begin, not to far from that big government building caddy corner to Azrieli.




On the way back I decided to stop by and surprise my wife as she was wrapping up some work. I waited outside as she packed up and while waiting decided to put up piece 35. I had forgotten to prep this piece, luckily I found a scrap of velrcro in my back pack and a pocket knife to cut it with 🙂 This piece is on Lincoln, right next to the Tachtit coffee shop.



After that we got home and finished up all of the days chores and passed out… that is why I didnt post this last night.

I have some very exciting pieces to come…. here are some very early sneak peaks.




So I guess that is all for now.  I hope that this entry finds you well and that we all have a very bearable day at least…. hell lets try and make it a good day even 🙂


Much much love,


Noah Zark


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