49/1000 and sabich oved

So it was voting day yesterday which means…. day off and a good excuse to go get some Sabich.
Since I moved to Israel over 6 years ago I had heard that the best sabich of all time was in a suburb of Tel Aviv called Givataim.

I rarely do make it out there but my wife and I have been curious about this place for 6 years and over the past few weeks my wife and I have discussed going and finally checking it out… turns out that the day off for voting was a perfect time. After about a week and a half of epic rain (for Israel) the weather cleared up and it is basically summer again during the days which made for some nice walking weather. We decided to hoof it to the famed Sabich Oved.  It is a very unassuming place, looks like any other falafel or sabcih joint but the line was pretty heavy. I think it was about 12 people deep when we arrived, and the thing about it is that Oved doesn’t really care that there are people in line….. he takes his sweet ass time with every single order and you can tell that he actually loves what he does or is completely bat shit crazy. It might even be a bit of column A and a bit of column B.  Once we are almost to the head of the line we were informed that if any of us were in a hurry we could go to a secondary line. About half the people moved but we decided to stay put and get the full experience.

So out turn finally comes and I will be honest, I was a bit anxious. I was pretty sure that I had no idea what the hell he was talking about right off the bat.  I understood his verbing of nouns and I tried to follow along with other peoples order so that I knew that a “Goal” of one soccer team was spicy sauce and the other was mango… but when the time came I froze. I just said “Goal” and then pointed to the red sauce. I think he understood that I was flustered and just let me get away with what so many others had not. He told us we were about to eat the best sabich in the universe, wished us a happy new year and that was that.

We ended up getting our piping hot nice fresh sabichs and sitting at a table that was recently vacated and still decorated with the last customer’s dirty napkins and near empty coke bottles but neither one of us even bothered to clean up before we sank our teeth into this legendary sandwich and it was……pretty good. I was honestly not impressed. It could be that my expectations were to high but I just thought it was mediocre. Don’t get me wrong though. The eggplant that he used was unbelievable. Treated and cooked perfectly that eggplant could hold its own against anything else I have tried, but the bread and all the other filling was just above mediocre in my opinion. I was a bit disappointed. Could it be that we just hit on an off day? Who knows, not me.

On our way back to Ramat Gan I decided that placing piece number 49/1000 on the border of Ramat Gan/Givataim would be nice. I feel like it is an under appreciated area and wanted to maybe bring some people there to enjoy it 🙂



There is probably some more but whatever. I hope you all had a great election day.

Much love,


Noah Zark—-


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