let’s play a bit of catch up.

Alright so things have been a bit hectic and therefore this post will also be a bit hectic unfortunately.


Aside from some personal matters that are putting a tiny bit of pressure on this project, i have some photos that are irretrievable at the moment which would be pretty key to this post…. so I will add a bit of filler πŸ™‚

This is a piece that has been around for a bit and I have forgotten about. I think it is bound for jerusalem πŸ™‚


This is number 52… well the original number 52. When attempting to place this piece I ended up dropping it in a crack that was just wide enough for the piece to fall through and deeper than I could see.

52 is most likely gone forever but I have already completed his replacement, which is now ready and should be posted on the next posting.




This is number 53. I still have it here. maybe tomorrow I will lose it in a crack or place it int he street somewhere. πŸ™‚



Here is number 51 placed outside of my previous place of employment. It was picked up later that evening by a friend of mine.Image


This is something that I have been toying around with. I have completely bitten the concept from the great Adam Neate, but I do plan on taking it in my own direction. He has been a huge inspiration for this project.






This is just a sticker I put up a while back and I am happy to see it is still there πŸ™‚




My wife and I decided to go for a walk near our house the other day and I must say that even though I am pretty happy with out current place of residence I found a new street that I am in love with and I have been looking for apartments there ever since. I am just assuming that it is a bit out of our price range but I am going to go ahead and let myself dream. I feel as though it would be an almost ideal place to raise some kids and maybe even get some dogs. πŸ™‚





We had a very long week and I can say that mine was not as productive as I’d have liked it to have been but this week is pretty much brand new and i feel that a fire can be lit under my ass again. Need to kettlebell and get back to actually moving my meat based soul purse around and get a bit of energy back. These fucking office jobs just get to me. Anyways, Friday night we ended up having an awesome dinner. I made rib eye steaks with asparagus and mushrooms as well as my 2 onion masked potatoes and a bottle of wine made at Caduceus. It was Maynard’s first batch from his New Mexican vines and it was very special to me. I might have been a bit biased but I though it was pretty damn good. Although Talli said it was pretty good as well, so I think it was pretty good πŸ™‚





That is all that I have for now. I have to get some sleep and I have to have a productive week.


Much much love to you all,


Noah Zark—-


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