I get by with a little help from my friends. 66/1000

If any of you out there following this project are in Vienna then I have some good news for you. With the help of some of my friends (Nimrod and Tami, but especially Tami since she is doing all the leg work) piece number 66 has made it to the streets of Vienna Austria. And might I add not just sloppily thrown into the streets, but rather well thought out and gently placed on the front of the Opera House. Here take a looksy:


Take a look right under the sign to the right. See?


Now you can see it. Lets move in for a better look now, shall we?


Looks pretty bad ass doesn’t it? Let zoom in even further. 🙂


And one last one just for good measure. Maybe get a look at some of those details.


Fantastic. Its an odd feeling seeing something that I made out of cardboard and staple just a few weeks ago in my messy living room end up on the front of the Opera House in Vienna but I must say that I appreciate every one that has helped me out with this project, in this case especially Tami and Nimrod (but mostly Tami) and I look forward to spreading more and more art around the world with the help of my friends.

Peace out for now and much much love,


Noah Zark


65 & 70 & Dimsum with a fisheye lense

I ended up going out for some Dim Sum at my buddy’s house and decided to get back into this project by dropping the only 2 pieces I had ready at the moment.


Here is number 65 dropped at the Israel Diamond centerImage

And I ended up dropping number 70 on a main intersection right next to my friend’s house. It was picked up about an hour later… even though the velcro didnt hold and it fell on the floor


Then I went and ate some dimsum and listened to some Aqua with some friends. One of which has a huge head. Here he is:


That is all for today. Need to continue packing up the old house 🙂

Much love to you all.



How to ignore rumors (I hate the media).

Well in case you haven’t heard a certain Israeli Publication (who shall remain nameless at this point) decided to publish a story that was completely false about my “1000 pieces of free art in 2013” project, claiming that the project “died out only 2 months into what was supposed to be a year long project”.

Luckily after a very strongly worded letter to the editor the article was removed.

You know the minute that you have a bit of downtime and then all of the sudden rumors start flying from every fucking angle. I can assure you that the rumors are untrue. I have hit hurdle after hurdle on this project and due to moving to a new place and having my studio cluttered, literally to the roof with random shit have hit a bit of a roadblock but have come up with what I like to think are some interesting turns for the future.

I do apologize for not updating this blog over the past few weeks and I can assure you that I will be a bit scarce the next few weeks as well. But you should all know not to listen to rumors. The project is not dead and neither am I.

Pictures and stories coming soon.

Much love to you all. Thank you for you support.