Accepting defeat?

Well it is November 27th and I have 300 pieces to go. I am beginning to think there is a chance I won’t make it to the end.

I am not planning on giving up just yet but let’s be honest it looks pretty grim.

I put a bunch of stuff out this past weekend. I will post some of the pics from this weekend as well as some randoms that I forgot to post.


60, 609 and 638 out on Alenby


605, 689, 690 and 692 dropped on Geula and Alenby.


607, 639, 684, 687 and 681 in Neve Tzedek





And here are a few random prints dropped.




I foresee a few very busy weeks ahead trying to finish up the remaining pieces and ship out the very overdue packages.

There are some pretty nifty pieces coming out soon.

Looks like there will be a mass drop in Netanya this weekend, and hopefully another Tel Aviv drop as well.

Alright well I guess that is it. I need to get to work. I will most likely put out another blog post some day….. I hope.

Much Love,

Noah Zark—


A Revelation (I am not good at this)

So here we are 11 months into a 12 month project and I still have about 320 of the 1000 pieces to get finished.
I am not going to lie. Things are beginning to look a bleak.
I am still pretty sure that I can squeak it out by the deadline, but who knows?
I have a learned a whole lot about myself during this project, for example, when doing a project like this I should not be the one that handles the blog. I should be painting, taking photos and napping.
I get sidetracked too easily for doing this kind of thing. 

I have a MASS of stuff that I should have been posting over the past few months but I just didn’t. No excuse. I just did not post it. So I will take this opportunity to post a chunk of photos that I failed to post as I took them or received them.

I again want to thank ALL of the people who have helped me out with this project. Your support is greatly appreciated. 
And for those of you who are still expecting packages. You will get them soon. 🙂

Okay… so here are some pictures. 

Here is piece number 22 dropped at the body exhibition in Poland:


#28 on a bridge in Sweden:


Number 68 at the “huamantlada” in Mexico:


number 603 on King George street in Tel Aviv:

Number 601 in King George in Tel Aviv:


More to come. I swear.

Much love,

Noah Zark