It has been one hell of a year.

So here I am on New Year’s eve and I have finished all 1000 pieces of art in 2013.

Its a bit overwhelming I must say. I find myself too burnt out to leave the house tonight to drop off piece number 1000, even though that was the plan it will have to wait until tomorrow.

The past year has taught me a lot about myself, about my limits, about my goals, about what I really want, what I can and can’t do and what I really should do.  I had a blast doing this project. It did not come out the way I expected it to. I ended up doing more prints than I wanted. I didn’t manage to distribute all of the works within 2013 as I had originally intended but I legitimately feel like I accomplished something worth while. I have not heard back from the majority of the people who have received my art but the few that have responded have really given me something that I cannot explain. Its a great feeling.

I have more plans for free art in 2014. Big plans. Way less numbers, but bigger and better pieces. 😀

Seeing as how I have been pushing past my limits every day for the past few weeks I am going to retire early (10:00pm on New year’s Eve), but I would like to leave you with a glimpse at piece number 1000.


Thank you ALL so much for your support.



Oh and also it lights up:


3 days to go…. and 20 pieces left. :D

Well, it looks like I might actually make 1000 pieces of art in 2013 but the distribution is definitely going to spill over into 2014.

I wish I had the ability to get the rest of the art out int he next 3 days but that would require either taking 3 days off of work and stealing a car or taking all the art I have left and dumping it in one pile after taking multiple taxis full of paintings and to be honest, I am not willing to do either one of those things.

I think I am okay with that. I know that the project statement included distribution but oh well. What are you going to do? 🙂

I know that I suck at keeping up on this blog and I promise that I will get a decent blog post right at the end and that I will keep posting more pictures well into 2014 but for now I must go and get those last 20 pieces moving.


Here is a peak at number 1000 in process:Image

There is still quite a bit of work to do on this one but I am very happy with how it is coming out 😀
If anyone wants to snag piece number 1000 stay tuned to where I will be placing it on New Years Eve 😀

Much much love to you all,


Noah Zark—-