You’re right…. it has been too long.

Hey there. How’s it going?
It’s been a while I know. Things have changed. Ever since beginning my new job I have a lot less time and FAR less energy than before (but it is still hands down the best job I have ever had). So I don’t get as much time to paint and draw anymore and that is one of the main reasons I am SO far behind on this project.
I almost gave up several times in the last 3 months but in the end I decided to still do my best to pull through. I might fail anyway but I am going to do my best to stomp out a bunch of work in the following months.

I have a bunch of photos to post but I don’t want to clog up this post with a bunch of previously dropped art (although that will come soon as well).
I have printed 500 very high quality digital prints on 300 gram paper. Each print is signed and numbered by hand and will be distributed across the globe. I already have a bundle in Canada and I have packages ready to ship to New Mexico, South Africa, England, Seattle and a few more places.

I have been wanting to do these prints for a while now but I wanted to release them in sequential order after piece number 100.
well I finally finished piece 100 today. Image


Now that number 100 is complete I can go ahead and distribute more pieces.
I got a stock pile of stuff here at home and going to enlist some of you good people to help me spread this work.
I have been getting so much support from a lot of you and it is really helping this project get closer to its potential successful end. 🙂

I have a few more bigger pieces that I am working on and I am excited about some of the new mediums as well including fuzed glass, plexiglass and wood.

Well anywho that is my update for now. I will try to keep up here a bit more often…. but we’ll see how that goes.

Much much love,

Noah Zark