74,75 and 76 of 1000 in the streets and probably already taken.

I went out on a mission today which turned out to be a bit of a wild goose chase. Walked around a lot though which gave me a chance to drop off 3 more pieces.

74, 75 and 76 have been sitting here collecting dust for over a month now and I am glad that I finally got them out there.

All 3 of them ended up in what I guess in considered central Tel Aviv.

Here check it out.




number 75 is actually one of my favorite pieces but you can’t really see it in the picture that I took so here is the dropped pic and a detail, just so you can see what I am talking about.


(notice above, can’t see shit)



and last one for today number 76 which was loosely based of Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva, down there in the bottom left corner. 🙂



I am well aware that I have been slacking. I get it I know. I am tired of mentioning it and I am tired of trying to defend myself.
I have a few plans (some of which sadly will not work out this year) and all of you wonderful people who have been offering to post pieces for me where you live I will be contacting you probably just after I get my next paycheck…. if all goes well.


Anyways please stay tuned for the next chunk of stuff I will be dropping.


Much much love to you all.

Have a great weekend.

Noah Zark—